Electric Resistance Welded

ERW Tube is used in a wide range of industrial applications. This type of tubing is formed from a scale free cold or hot-roll strip. This strip is then formed into a tubular shape and the seam is welded together, hence the name "Electric Resistance Welded" tube

Reliable Tube stocks most shapes and gauges of product, primarily in 20 ft. lengths. From 1/2" to 24" round, 1/2" to 2" square and all corresponding rectangular sizes, the ERW tube has become a major component in manufacturing. Some of the heavier users of this type of tubing are the oil industry, furniture manufacturing, industrial construction, agricultural industry and the housing industry. As more industries become aware of the advantages of ERW tubing we are confident that it will be used in an even broader range of applications.

Hollow Structural Steel

Hollow structural steel is used primarily in construction because of its strength, various shapes and its aesthetic value. Wall thicknesses range from as thin as .100" to as heavy as .625" in various stock lengths. Reliable tube generally stocks 24’, 40’ and 48’ lengths with custom orders available through the rolling mills given sufficient advance notice. Custom cutting on all HSS orders is provided as a special service to all Reliable Tube customers.

The large volume of HSS tube carried by the Edmonton, Calgary and Cambridge warehouses as well as the inside storage enhances the quality of supply and service available to our clients.

Seamless Mechanical Tube

Seamless Mechanical tubing is manufactured from Carbon or Alloy steel and is primarily used for structural applications throughout a broad range of industries. Reliable tube currently inventories Carbon product, but has full access to all Alloy requirements or specifications. Saw cutting is provided as an extra service, especially with these products, due to the various lengths required by our customers.

When ordering Seamless Mechanical product the purchaser should specify the criteria which is most critical. Eg: Inside Diameter plus Wall Thickness, or, Outside Diameter Plus Wall Thickness. By ordering in this fashion, our staff can minimize machining costs by sourcing product that closely matches or exactly meets the critical specification.


Reliable Tube did not hesitate when asked by Quick Fab Products to become a franchised dealer to inventory & distribute steel & aluminum elbows. We saw this as a natural blend, that tubes and elbows go together, and embraced it as a positive move.

Steel fabricators who found it time consuming and very labor intensive to manufacture elbows, have welcomed this product.
We stock 90° steel elbows, sizes of 3/4 square x .065 to 4" square x .375 wall and aluminum elbows sizes of 1 & 2 square x .125 wall.

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